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The divisive politics of ObamaCare

In response to Cruz: President Obama should listen to people who have lost their plans:

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to Senator Cruz that Barack Obama had absolutely nothing to say to the people who have lost their health insurance because of his disastrous scheme.  Those people might as well not exist at all.  And we know they vastly outnumber the people who have actually gotten health insurance, because Obama could not find any such people to use as human props.  Not one of the people he lined up as mannequins behind him for his silly Rose Garden appearance has actually purchased a plan; only three of them have actually been able to submit applications.

I can think of no more staggering testimonial to the disaster of ObamaCare that the President's political team couldn't find a single successful customer to come on stage with him.  Ted Cruz would be able to pack a football stadium with the people who have lost their plans.

Eventually more "happy customers" for ObamaCare will be lined up... but this has already become a contest between a small group of people the President wants to shower with benefits, and the much larger population that doesn't like the scheme, in many cases paying enormous premium increases.  I ask you: what could be more bitterly divisive than this?

We're supposed to hate divisive politics, but this whole scheme is inherently and explicitly dividing Americans into warring camps.  The people Ted Cruz referred to cry out for relief, but Barack Obama and his party could not be less interested in their plight.  The whole system is a lousy redistribution scheme infused with corruption - can't wait to find out how all that launch money was spent!  Obama is answering the very real people, who are willing to sign their names to complaints, with a puppet show designed to trivialize their anguish.  

Redistribution always works this way in the end, but it usually doesn't turn this sour so quickly.


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