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ObamaCrash: a disaster staving off apocalypse

Further to the earlier point about the amount of time Americans are wasting with Obama's boondoggle: the media-generated misconception that this is all just a bit of buggy web code is as bogus as the earlier outrageous lie about extremely high traffic melting the wonderful servers.  (Remember when Obama's team of liars were saying that with a straight face?  It seems like ages ago, doesn't it?)

In truth, the "back-end" stuff is at least as busted as the website.  Interactions with insurance providers produce unusable garbage data, which is going to cause outright pandemonium when people start trying to cash in on their ObamaCare benefits.  The ability to link government databases together to calculate tax subsidies is broken, and everyone involved in the project knew it was unlikely to work.  The fixes for these back-end flaws are not going to be designed and implemented in a matter of days.

So really, the front-end pile of garbage shoved in our faces is actually keeping the back-end flaws from snowballing into an even greater disaster.  It's good, from a system standpoint, that very few of the people trying to log into the exchange can use it.  

In other words, more of our valuable time is being wasted to create a smokescreen that hides the even more devastating, deep-rooted failure of ObamaCare.  Which, we learned in congressional testimony today, was unleashed on us after only about two weeks of testing.  This is an outrage, and people right up to President Obama should be held accountable for it.


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