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New York List of Exchange Navigators Includes Spa, Deli, Taxi Service and a Cupcake Shop

DNAinfo New York reports that a list of health exchange navigators published by the New York Department of Health contains multiple businesses that have nothing to do with health care.

By law, states are required to provide a list of "navigators" available to help people in person with enrollment. The list provided by New York has a few glitches. DNAinfo contacted a number of businesses on the list including a limo service, a pharmacy and even a cupcake shop.

"I'm not even sure I know what that is," a woman at Brooklyn Cupcake told DNAinfo's Max Willens before hanging up on him.  "“So many people have called. It’s disturbing," David Wu, manager of Bowery pharmacy, responded. He had no idea how his number gotten out.

The NY Times was answered with giggles when they used the list to call Sa Sa Cosmetic and Skincare Spa. They also spoke to the owner of Desi Deli who had no idea how he wound up on the list but suggested that, at the least, the NY DOH list should correct the languages it claims are spoken at the Deli.

DNAinfo asked the NY Department of Health about the list last week and was told by a spokesperson, "That is not the correct list." However DNAinfo reports the same list is still available on the DOH website.

This is not the first time individuals have been identified as health care navigators without their knowledge. A local news outlet in Iowa called a list of navigators in Des Moines and 10 out of 10 they called at random were not navigators and had no idea they were on a list.


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