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South African Teacher Fired After Taking Students to Get Penises Pierced

JOHANNESBURG - A high teacher at Willowridge High School, east of Pretoria, has reportedly been fired after he took three students to have their penises pierced. The unnamed teacher has been on paid suspension since earlier this year and had been awaiting a disciplinary hearing for a series of controversial actions - actions that include taking three schoolboys for Prince Albert piercings, having his own penis pierced in front of the teens, taking one youngster for a tattoo and giving the boys pasta shaped as male genitalia. 

The chairman of the school's governing body, Stefano Bruni, said "The disciplinary was handled as a pre-dismissal arbitration by the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) and the outcome of the pre-dismissal was guilty on certain charges. The recommendation of sanction was dismissal and the educator is no longer at the school.”

The teacher who is apparently part of a well-known Afrikaans folk group was reportedly found guilty on three charges. 

As if those charges weren't bad enough, he also allowed the students to skip classes. 

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