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VIDEO: Bus Driver Pulls Over to Prevent Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

NEW YORK - "She was distraught, she was distant, she was really disconnected." This is how a bus driver described a woman he found clinging to the railing of a bridge looking as if she might jump. 

After spotting the woman and pulling over, CCTV footage from the driver's cab shows Darnell Barton opening the doors of the bus to ask the woman if she's OK. He then gets off the bus and successfully brings her to safety. He can be seen placing his arm around her and helping her climb back onto the road. 

Passengers can be heard clapping on the video. 

He told a local news station, "It was meant to be. I was supposed to be there for her at that moment and I was. I wanted to convey that whatever it was, I’m going to help you through and it’s not as serious as jumping onto the 198." 


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