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Mayor Ford of Toronto More Honest Than the Obama White House

Toronto's Mayor Ford admitted today that last year he got drunk and smoked crack cocaine. He doesn't deserve much credit for doing the right thing. In fact, he had little choice in the matter since he'd been caught on video. But at least Mayor Ford was ultimately willing to admit he'd done the thing everyone knew he'd done rather than continue to lie about it.

Meanwhile here in the U.S. Jay Carney once again refused to admit the President had misled Americans when he said repeatedly that people could keep the health insurance plans they liked.

Under questioning from Ed Hendry, Carney would only say "communications are challenging here." This is the equivalent oft-maligned "mistakes were made." It fails to identify who made the mistakes, who suffered a loss as a result of the mistakes or whether anyone should be held accountable for the mistakes. The sense given is that some unnamed person did something wrong, but probably it was inadvertent.

But the question Ed Henry asked was about a specific comment made by the President five days before the Obamacare website launched.

Henry: What about what he said just over a month ago, September 26th in Maryland he had an event right before the actual roll out. And one of the things he said was "if you already have health care you don't have to do anything." You can at least say that was not true, right?

No, it turns out Carney couldn't even say that. That's his job of course, to be a flak for the President. But when it comes to Obamacare, he's resorting to the least credible type of deflection. He's not saying the President was taken out of context. He's not saying he misspoke by accident (he can't given the number of times the President said this). Carney is merely saying mistakes were made, a purely rhetorical gloss.

The President intentionally and habitually made the American people a false promise for four years in order to sell them on his signature achievement through deceit rather than persuasion. And now that he's been caught he still won't admit what he did even though we all know the truth because it was repeatedly caught on tape.

The administration is clearly hoping the press will tire of this topic. Hopefully the media will not give up until the President and his aides at least reach the level of honesty of disgraced Mayor Ford. Apparently, for this White House, that's a high bar they may not be able to get over.


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