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First You Win, Then You Make Policy

There will be usual analysis and punditry on yesterday's elections from municipal to state level in the next few days. I'm all for it in a reasonable manner versus those who try to derive more than can be substantiated. 

The Virginia gubernatorial race is a prime example. What effect did Robert Sarvis the Libertarian candidate have on a close race? Did the Libertarian Booster PAC led by Wes Benedict which took money from an large donor and Obama supporter Joe Liemandt to get Sarvis on the ballot get used? We may never know. We do know that the votes for Sarvis were more than enough if they went to Republican Ken Cuccinelli would have put another R in the win column. 

The short term versus long term strategy in politics will never be reconciled. Voting on principle, single issue, practicality and too many angles of thought to list illustrates this. I'm a long-term view person. Who is it that gets me closer to my desired outcome? We have to incorporate this on the right side of the aisle. There is no second place in politics.

First you win, then you make policy...


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