Cops: Burglary Suspect Gets Stuck in Chimney, Accomplice Calls 911 For Help

NAPLES, Florida - A suspected burglar, now known as "Santa," has been arrested after getting stuck in a chimney during an alleged attempt to rob an unoccupied home on Wednesday. Police say 25-year-old Richard Tyler Brandon and a friend were looking for cash after spending all of their money at a local bar.

When Brandon became lodged in the chimney, his friend and suspected accomplice was forced to call 911. It took rescue crews 90 minutes to free Brandon while amused neighbors watched. 

"This is the first time I've ever seen or heard of something like this," Battalion Chief Pete DiMaria told local reporter. 

In a clear but unsuccessful attempt to be clever, the homeowner of the botched robbery said, "I think this Santa was trying to remove things rather than bringing presents in. He was going the wrong way."

Both Brandon and his friend were booked into jail on burglary charges.


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