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ObamaCare Glitch Enrolls 8k WA State Residents In Programs They Likely Can't Afford

A so called glitch in Washington state's ObamaCare exchange resulted in individual's monthly income - as opposed to their annual income - being sent to the federal hub that calculates potential plan prices and subsidies for them.

Given that the hub calculated their ability to receive a subsidy and the amount of same by looking at only 1/12 of their annual income, their decisions were based upon erroneous assumptions. Adding insult to injury, they're also now going to have to go through the enrollment process all over again from the beginning.

That led many enrollees in the Washington exchange to select generous insurance plans they likely won't be able to afford once their subsidies are reduced. 

Those 8,000 individuals likely will need to go through the entire application process again to see what plans at what prices they qualify for under the correct tax subsidy.

“We are still trying to figure out how this happened," exchange CEO Richard Onizuka told the paper.


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