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My Favorite Kenyan - Uncle Onyango

Could not resist the play on a classic TV show My Favorite Martian - Uncle Marty.

The White House has previously said that President Obama never met his illegal alien uncle Onyango Obama. Now there is a different narrative in this article.

The 69-year-old, Kenyan-born half-brother of Obama's estranged father was granted permission this week to stay in the U.S. after ignoring a deportation order two decades ago. The uncle is also known as Omar Obama.

The uncle at his deportation hearing testified that Obama stayed with him for three weeks in Cambridge while the president was a student at Harvard Law School. (Emphasis added)

How does a Harvard educated man who becomes President of the United States not remember three weeks with his illegal alien uncle? I guess they never talked in the three weeks. This president learns more on the news than most Americans, knows what is good for America like Obamacare, but knows nothing when it's potentially negative. Nothing to see here folks. Now back to the economy. 

Remember "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." 


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