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Capitalism wins again

In response to Walmart Sells Out of Occupy Wall Street Poster:

Walmart selling a $40 designer Occupy Wall Street poster?  And it sells out?  How that warms the cockles of my capitalist heart!  I'm so filled with warmth that I've got half a mind to return all the Christmas presents I stole from Whoville.

Of course, Occupy's profound confusion about the power of capitalism was already obvious, since the little dears were all packing smartphones that were not only marketed and sold at ridiculously affordable prices by giant corporations, but could not exist if giant corporations hadn't developed them.

It adds an extra dash of awesome to see this poster sold by Walmart, archnemesis of the activist Left and their union bosses.  Between this and the flailing ObamaCare boobs constantly screaming for private insurance companies to ride to their rescue - something that now happens roughly once every two weeks - it's been a triumphant year for capitalism.  Too bad it doesn't matter, as long as the socialists have enough hapless dependents and mindwiped foot soldiers to cling to political power, and the GOP establishment is busy convincing itself to forget everything it ever said about small government and fiscal discipline.


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