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America's 2013 Loser of The YEAR

Senator Marco Rubio is being called the 2013 Loser of the Year, because he screwed the pooch over immigration reform. But is it fair to call Rubio the top loser, simply because he is wrong on one issue?

I can name a dozen other politicos, who had done worse, and are more deserving of this "Gran Loser' title.

Let's take for instance, President Obama. Do I need to say anything more? 

How about Republican-turned-Independent-turned Democrat, Charlie Crist, who is trying to flip-flop his way to the top of Florida politics, again? 

Then there is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schutlz, and everything that seems to come out of her mouth. 

How about Secretary of Defense, John Kerry? After all, he is the dude, who, with the help of Obama, screwed Israel.

While Rubio did really screw up, he is not a big-time loser like President Obama proven to be.


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