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Wasserman Schultz Eyes Another Congressional District?

Wasserman Schultz faced-off with her friend, Congresswoman Shelley Capitol R-WVA), who believes that the President's climate plan is nothing more than an "expensive and wrong-headed policy," that "cannot get us there," in regards to energy independence.

Capitol invited her friend Debbie to "come to West Virginia and learn about the economic effects" President Obama's policy would cause, because if coal production was cut, the entire region would be affected.

Wasserman Schultz believes that the plan "will create millions of jobs with the President's investment in alternative, renewable energy," and that due to fossil fuels, the earth as become warmer, causing weather events such as Super Storm Sandy, coastal flooding, heat waves, and the Miami Dolphins to lose another game.

I am kidding about the Dolphins, but Wasserman Schultz  also said that in few short years, seas will continue to rise and jeopardize South Florida with another "Great Flood" that will drown out homes and the Miami Dolphins training facilities and stadium.

I will eventually represent Orlando-Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wasserman Schultz doubled-down when she state that, "I will eventually represent Orlando," insinuating that because of global warming, Florida be flooded, and she will win re-election in the newly formed waterfront city of Orlando.


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