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America's Favorite Chameleon Politico Finds Campaign Donations After Not Having Them

 Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat-turned-??? Charlie Crist has all of a sudden found 31 new gubernatorial campaign donors, who donated $245,000 to his campaign in the month of January.

  Like the Sunshine State News first reported, Crist’s campaign had only posted $375,000 during January, before this $245,000 campaign windfall.

 Susan Hepworth of the Republican Party of Florida told SSN that “Democrats don’t trust” Crist, and the rumblings of discontent within Crist’s campaign team still haven’t been abated. Crist’s camp has been riddled with a series of switch-ups in leadership, with former campaign manager Bill Hyers calling it quits early on in the campaign.-SSN  

This is true. Several prominent Democrat leaders have gone on record of saying  that the believed Crist was a big phony, and could not be trusted.

 Crist’s Democrat opponent in the race, Nan Rich, has just received the endorsement of former Democrat governor  Buddy McKay, and could benefit from all of the negativity surrounding Crist’s every-changing positions on the issues and campaign staffers.


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