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Rangel: Obamacare Will Still Create Millions of Jobs

Despite the Congressional Budget Office's report that showed Obamacare would either cause 2 million Americans to either quit, cut their hours, or lose their jobs, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D - NY) told Breitbart News on Thursday that the Democrats healthcare law will be the catalyst for millions of jobs in the future. 

"I still believe that--especially in the health industry. My God—more doctors, nurses, providers," said Rangel."I’m saying that they're going to be created. The more people in the world; the more services that need it, the more people that gotta get hired."

Rangel, however, could not give a timeframe as to how long it would take for those millions of jobs to be created, asking, "I don’t know--How long are we going to have enrollments? How long are people going to have full insurance?" 

When asked if Americans would still be waiting for the jobs long after he retired, Rangel responded, "Forget about me. I’m talking about everyday more and more people are signing up. Doesn’t that mean more and more providers have to be hired? I think so."

In 2010, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D - CA) claimed the new healthcare law would create "4 million" jobs--400,000 jobs immediately. 



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