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No Debt Ceiling Battle A Bitter Pill

As tough as it is for fiscal hawks like myself, tea party conservatives, and anyone concerned about America's spending problem there is a strategy here which we have to swallow. In time we will see if the strategy plays out well for the Republicans.

Politically, and this is important, a debt ceiling fight / shut down battle would give the Democrats more political bullets. Political reality is if your opponent has the gun, you don't buy them the bullets. One vote is important and always is but in this case it may be future multiple votes and voters that matter for those of us that are again disappointed in no change in Federal government spending habits.

This does allow Republicans to focus on Obamacare going into 2014 in both the Senate and the house. Speaker Boehner, the Republican leadership and even Democrats will go home next week to many Americans like me who are angry at the repeated congressional failures to be responsible and cut spending. Boehner and his Republican cohorts had better fight hard to accomplish the correct policies for America between now and November 2014.

I and many Republicans see his overall leadership record as a failure and do not want him to be speaker next congressional term. This is in spite of an intractable President  Obama and Harry Reid.  If the Republican Party is to earn the trust of the voters in November they must produce tangible results. We have taken our bitter pill forced by Congress. 

We the people are watching and waiting impatiently.


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