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Hey, Don't Forget Immigration

In response to Bullet Points for GOP Success in 2014:

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "He already covered immigration." So what!? Unfortunately, this is the issue that the GOP usually caves on-they think they need pander to the Julios and Julias to get their votes.

Let's get something very clear. Republicans WILL NEVER win the Hispanic vote. The GOP just needs to take enough of this vote to win elections.

Pandering to Hispanics projects weakness.


Not happening this year, but will Republicans agree on a platform before working with Democrats?  If not now, when is it in the GOPs best interest to take a stand on immigration?

  • The president just promised that immigration will get done before he leaves office. The first promised it would get done within his first year in 2008.
  • Republicans have some good ideas by writing clean individual bills and combining them. 
  • Border security is the first, enforcement of current laws is the second, fixing the current immigration system and guest worker program is a key next step. Others will follow. 
  • Republicans suffer from the same political disease as Democrats by caving to the special interests on immigration. Stop the insanity, Americans are losing battle.
  • Finally ... Immigration reform does not guarantee the Hispanic vote.


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