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Fair-weather constitutionalists

In response to Obama 2008: Bypassing Congress Unconstitutional; I'll Reverse It (VIDEO):

Further fuel for my contention that the entire Democrat-media complex will, instantly and in unison, discover a passionate love for the constitutional separation of powers within an hour of a Republican winning the White House!  

We don't have to imagine what that will look and sound like.  We can watch videos like the one you have uncovered.  I'll go one step further: before the first 100 days of his potential Republican successor's administration have elapsed, Barack Obama himself will be one of the loudest Democrat voices denouncing executive overreach and praising the prerogatives of Congress.  He'll just pick up the speeches he was giving in 2008 and repeat them word-for-word.  If anyone with more memory capacity than a fruit fly points out the jaw-dropping hypocrisy, we'll be accused of "living in the past" or practicing hypocrisy ourselves for suggesting that President Rand Paul should have the same super-executive powers Barack Obama exercised.

And you've gotta love that brain-dead "nobody has arrested him for it yet" defense of Obama's lawlessness.  Think you're going to hear that defense offered if President Rubio starts using executive orders to bulldoze policies Democrats support?  

Likewise, do you think any Democrat, anywhere, will spend five seconds entertaining racism or sexism as the reasons for opposition to President Condoleeza Rice's policies?  

This is all purely opportunistic politics.  In fact, it can fairly be described as totalitarianism - an assertion that power has no absolute restraints, only political obstacles that one party can more easily disregard.  The true test of anyone's commitment to the American system, the American nation, is resolute insistence upon fidelity to the Constitution when it's a barrier to policies you support.  That's the point of having a Constitution, after all.  It defines the limits of what transitory political majorities can accomplish.  It's supposed to take more than media support and a cheering throng to re-wire the system itself, as opposed to winning elections and acting properly within the system.

We made a horrible mistake, as a people, when we began rejecting the notion of arbitrary limits on power, i.e. the government can't do something that a lot of people think is a really swell idea, because it has no legal authority to take such action.  It's a steep, slippery slope from there to King Barack I rewriting the Affordable Care Act on the fly every couple of days.  

Our best hope for restoring Constitutional order is our sure and certain knowledge that electing a Republican President and Congress will instantaneously transform the entire left-wing political and media apparatus into the greatest defenders of separated powers, and the most passionate enemies of the Tyranny of the Majority, that the world has ever seen.


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