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Reid Urges Obama To Bypass Congress on Deportations

It's very unbecoming of these Democrats to be openly rooting for a Dictatorship - even as it diminishes their own congressional powers.

But the Majority Leader is doing it. He wants Obama to "review possible administrative actions to halt the deportations of illegal immigrants now that reform legislation has stalled in Congress." 

Congress didn't act, so Obama has no choice but to use his executive pen....

“I would hope that administratively, the president will do what he can to take a look at deportations, but he is being burdened by the law as it exists, and we need to change it,” Reid told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

The law is a burden - but fear not. It can be changed with a stroke of the dictator's pen:

In 2012, Obama announced that the administration would halt the deportation of young adults in the U.S. illegally who met certain criteria through prosecutorial prioritization. Immigration activists and some Democrats have suggested the president could expand that deferred action program to allow more illegal immigrants to remain in the United States.

The president has repeatedly said his power to stop deportations is limited.

Actually, Obama should have been limited from enacting the Dream Act through executive fiat, too, but since he got away with that, Democrats are crossing their fingers that more executive overreach will follow in time for the 2014 elections.


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