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America is under fire from many sides...

... and with good reason. We are weakened by a dearth of leadership in many areas.

  • Expanding radical Muslim militancy
  • Iran the growing and likely to be the ‘nuclear’ hegemon in the Middle East
  • Current Ukraine turmoil a result of Russia’s Vladimir Putin style resurgence
  • China’s communist military and economic influence growing beyond Asia
  • U.S. immigration policy failure for decades and growing border insecurity
  • America's 2013 economic growth revised down to 1.9% 

Labor force participation as a nation at an all-time low in over three decades at 64% and projected to drop to 61% at current rate of decay. With our economy on a crumbling foundation how will we afford our existence as a nation? How will we afford as a nation to stay relevant in an ever-changing and more dangerous world? 

A prevalent sign to the world is Venezuela's current socialist society meltdown. Venezuela was preceded by examples of EU economic self-implosion in Greece and Cyprus. Our enemies are emboldened and opportunistic nations seek advancement at our expense and to our detriment. Leadership is often a good first step in the right direction. Leadership is sorely lacking in the current Obama administration and has been in prior Republican and Democrat administrations. Too often politicians fear bold decisions. 

These are some of the challenges. This is not defeatism but rather a clarion call to action. Our cultural advantage of American exceptionalism must reassert itself. We the people are where it begins and is sustained. We cannot surrender America to mediocrity. The world will pay the price of failure. 


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