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Concealing the compulsory nature of ObamaCare

In response to Obama: Turns Out...You Might NOT Get To Keep Your Doctor (Video):

You can tell this is a Big Effin Deal by the way media outlets are striving mightily to ignore it.  Politico, for example, twisted itself into a pretzel to avoid mentioning that oh, yeah, all the ObamaCare critics have been totally right since day one, and Obama just admitted you might lose your doctor, as well as your health insurance.  Their big takeway was that the man who told the biggest lie in modern political history now says plenty of people are signing up for his health care scheme, and it's solid as a rock.  And why not trust his claims implicitly?  We all know what Barack Obama's word is worth, especially when it comes to the Affordable Care Act!

There was more than just a snow job about ObamaCare's quality behind the three Big Lies of ObamaCare: the promise we wouldn't lose our plans, the promise we wouldn't lose our doctors, and the promise that insurance premiums would go down.  Taken together, these three promises were a fraudulent effort to portray the program as essentially voluntary.  The compulsive force behind the scheme - and the vastly greater compulsive force packed into the eternal single-payer nightmare it's setting us up for - were kept carefully hidden.  

We were supposed to think participation in the Affordable Care Act would be voluntary, and it would win us over with its superior quality.  "Sure, you can keep your old plan and doctor if you want... but believe me, you won't want to!" said Honest Barry, with all the brio of a snake-oil salesman peddling his wares to the captivated crowd of a frontier farming town.  

That's what makes ObamaCare such a tremendous fraud.  It's not just that its quality stinks, or that it costs far more than its creators promised - that's par for the course with Big Government, a lesson duped voters never seem to learn.  No, the fundamental fraud was the idea that we'd be able to say "no" to the Affordable Care Act if we didn't like it.  We could keep our old plans and doctors - nobody would take them away from us, period.  We would be cordially invited into the beta test of a whole new way of managing health care.

Look at how completely Democrat rhetoric has changed since the ObamaCare launch debacle.  Now we're told this is a pure banana republic scheme: it was one man, one vote, one time, and Americans lost their absolutely final chance to escape in 2012, before they got a taste of what ObamaCare would actually be like.  No hope is possible, no change will be forthcoming; no matter how badly this turkey fails, Democrats assure us, the window of possibility for the American people has been forever reduced.  No refunds will be given, no complaints about fraud will be entertained, and the only avenues of escape come when Obama looks at the polls and sees his party on the verge of near-extinction, so he waves off a few mandates until after the next election, or maybe the one after that.

2009: If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  No one will take them away from you, period.

2014: You're probably going to lose your plan.  You might lose your doctor.  You must trust President Obama that it will all work out for the best.  Emphasis on the "must."


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