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Woman Allegedly Sets Man's Car on Fire After Being Denied McFlurry

According to witnesses, a woman who was refused a McFlurry by her male companion, took out her frustration by allegedly setting his car ablaze just outside a Jacksonville McDonald's. The frozen beverage is offered in two flavors, with M&M's or with Oreos.  No information was given as to which flavor she was hoping for, but when the man refused to purchase her one, a witness said the woman grabbed his keys and approached his car, on which she allegedly poured alcohol and gasoline, before setting it on fire. 

Bystanders reportedly tried to help the man put the flames out. Remarkably, officials say the man was able to drive away in his scorched car once the flames were extinguished. 

As for the woman, she was spotted running through a nearby parking lot before disappearing. 

Hell hath no McFlurry like a woman scorned.

Photo:  WFTV


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