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Report: Unborn Baby Survives, Catapulted From Womb After Parents Killed in Crash

There are conflicting accounts regarding the miraculous birth of baby boy who appeared in this world the moment his parents left. 

The incident took place in China, where according to a police spokesperson, a 40-year-old woman, Wang Zhau went into labor at 8:30 in the morning. Rather than wait for an ambulance, she and her husband hopped on a motorbike and headed to the hospital....and that's when tragedy struck.

A truck reportedly careened into the motorbike, killing both husband and wife. Somehow, the unborn baby, now named Xiao Zhao, survived the accident. But witnesses had varying accounts of his actual birth:

"Eye witnesses said that when the woman was hit by the truck she gave birth on the spot," police spokesman Chan Chien said. "Others said that the baby, which was healthy 4.2 kg, had been thrown out of the woman's belly and had landed three meters away."

The orphaned boy is expected to survive and incredibly suffered only minor bruises. 

Police confirmed that the driver of the truck is being held in investigative custody.


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