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Sebelius will never be freed from 'job lock'

In response to Awkward: HHS Sec Sebelius Responds With Total Silence After OK Reporter Tells Her How Unpopular O-Care Is :

It's just amazing that Kathleen Sebelius still has a job, isn't it?  It's almost the only thing you have to know to understand ObamaCare: the person most directly responsible for one of the biggest, most expensive disasters in the history of American government is totally secure in her position. 

She wasn't ready for that question about ObamaCare's unpopularity in Oklahoma because she doesn't think she needs to know all that much about how the law is working out.  Its actual performance is not relevant to her political mission.  As long as the funding mechanisms are secure, subsidies are getting ladled out, and repeal is incredibly difficult, what else really matters?  The ObamaCare saga ended in 2010 for these people.  What actually happens to real Americans trapped in the nightmare system they created is an epilogue to the great political drama.

In an earlier, better era, Sebelius' prompt resignation would have been expected within the first days of the ObamaCare launch disaster - it would have been considered scandalous if the President was required to fire her in public.  The people of that earlier era saw the importance of maintaining public confidence in government.  It's difficult to maintain such confidence when the incompetent managers who launched an utter debacle keep their jobs.  The entire political system becomes distorted around the need to keep them in office, like light warping around a black hole. 

But to Obama's thinking, the worst political mistake in any affair is the admission of error.  The regime was, is, and always will be without fault.  Obama and his apparatchiks are more likely to blame the American people - as with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent insistence that HealthCareDotGov melted into 404 Error slag because stupid old people don't know how to use the Internet - than to accept responsibility themselves.  That means nobody gets fired.  The worse Sebelius gets, the more Obama will stand behind her.  He's probably also a bit nervous about what kind of tell-all book she'd have written if he gave her the heave-ho right after ObamaCare blew up on its launch pad.

During the first few months of ObamaCare, there were a number of grimly amusing videos that showed HealthCareDotGov blowing up in Sebelius' face during public appearances.  Remember how she invariably dealt with these embarrassments: she muttered something about how it usually works great, and scuttled off to her limousine.  The ACA's failure has always been a political problem for this Administration full of apparatchiks, and they think friendly media will help them slip out of any political problem.  None of them ever conveys even a momentary sense that they feel remorse or embarrassment over the disaster they inflicted on us, wasting untold hours of Americans' valuable time and hundreds of millions in tax money.  They're confident residual awe of Big Government, partisan loyalty, and the increasingly dim reality that citizens no longer have much to say about its blunders will carry them through.


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