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Sebelius Suppsedly Considers Senate Run, Obamacare Will Decide Her Campaig's Fate

In response to Report: Sebelius Is Mulling Senate Run in Kansas Against Roberts:

Can you imagine what sort of a political circus a Sebelius Senate campaign would be like? I would have to relocate from sunny South Florida to Kansas, just to be able to cover this race, which I am sure will be full of red meat sound bites, and anti-Sebelius propaganda.

This race would probably be one of the closest watch race, just because 'all' Republians will be running against Obamacare, the law Sebelius pushed along.

“It makes you hope that Bob Dole’s children never marry Democrats,” Kansas state Rep. Scott Schwab told TheDC. “The scars that she caused cut so deep that it caused her father-in-law’s great friend to ask for her resignation. You’ve got to be trying to be incompetent to have Pat Roberts call for your resignation when he has that much love for your father-in-law. It’s sad.”


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