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76-Year-Old Man Accused of Shooting and Killing Blind Wife of 56 years for Nagging Him

A 76-year-old man is being held without bail after police say he shot and killed his blind wife of 56 years on Wednesday. Jack Lang reportedly told police his wife, June, pushed him over the edge after continuing to nag and belittle him. According to the the criminal complaint, Jack Lang told police that his wife called him a "baby" and was "giving him hell" after he wanted to turn around and go home before reaching their lunch destination: Potawatomi Bingo Casino. 

The criminal complaint also paints a picture of a man who claims to be a victim of criticism directed at his manhood in many senses of the word. Jack Lang told police his wife criticized him because "he could not give her a good time anymore," and for being dependent on neighbors to help him with work around the house. 

According to the complaint, when they returned home, Jack retrieved a .22 caliber revolver and warned his blind wife that he had a gun and asked her to stop nagging him. She reportedly did not believe him and continued yelling at him. He allegedly shot her once in the head, killing her. 

The complaint also states that he tried to kill himself with the same gun by firing three times. Only one bullet grazed his head. He was briefly hospitalized before being taken to Milwaukee County Jail where he was charged with first degree intentional homicide. 


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