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Rand Paul Tries To Thread the Needle on Voter Fraud

Rand Paul  doesn't want you to think he's against voter ID. Essentially, he's for it. But it appears he also doesn't want to be put in the same GOP corner in which Democrats alleged GOP efforts to require identification to vote are based on factors such as racism, not a desire to preserve an honest democracy.

This is from an exchange between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and former Obama adviser David Axelrod.

PAUL: Dead people do still vote in some elections. There still is some fraud. And so we should stop that, and one way of doing it is (driver's licenses).

AXELROD: Although the incidence of fraud is relatively small.

PAUL: It probably is, and I think Republicans may have over-emphasized this. I don't know.

Paul then went immediately on to saying he supports the need for an ID to vote, pointing out that one is needed merely to enter Federal buildings.

Paul did say that he supports voter ID efforts as a minimal standard and noted that you have to present an ID to enter government offices.

But he had a different view of calls by Republicans in some states to curtail early voting, which tends to favor Democrats more than Republicans.

It's increasingly clear that Paul is trying to calculate his way to a general political positioning that retains traditional GOP and conservative support, while leaving him free to court a number of traditional Democrat voters, as well. Whether he can make it through a potential presidential primary based upon a series of half-steps, or measures and emerge victorious remains to be seen.


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