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President Obama and All His LieingMen

Who would have thunk it that theWhite House actually pressed its minions  to lie for them?

Not only is ther the Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and  IRS scandals the Obama administration has to contend with, but now Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has written in his new book that he  was told to lie to the American public, in order to "downplay" the role Social Security played in increasing the national deficit.

Geithner writes in his memoir Stress Test, out today, that the White House communications director asked him to downplay the long term cost of Social Security spending to mollify the Democratic Party's base.

'I remember during one Roosevelt Room prep session before I appeared on the Sunday shows, I objected when Dan Pfeiffer wanted me to say Social Security didn't contribute to the deficit. It wasn't a main driver of our future deficits, but it did contribute,' he says.
'Pfeiffer said the line was a 'dog whistle' to the left, a phrase I had never heard before.

 He had to explain that the phrase was code to the Democratic base, signaling that we intended to protect Social Security.'-
Daily Mail

Don't be surprised if the First Pooch also comes out with a tell-all exposing the White House's treatment of animals.


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