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AUDIO: Man Dials 911 'Where Can I Buy Some Marijuana This Morning?'

The misuse of 911 appears to be a growing problem in America.  Late last week, a North Carolina woman was arrested for calling emergency services to report that marinara sauce was used on her pizza, rather than pizza sauce.  

Today, KATU published a 911 call recorded on May 1, during which a man asks a Washington County, Oregon dispatcher where he could buy some marijuana. The conversation went as follows:

Man: Where can I get some marijuana?

911: Excuse me?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

911: Do you realize you called the police department?

Man: No I didn’t. That’s very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question. (long pause) It’s a legitimate question.

911: Which question is that?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

911: I would have no idea, sir. 

Man: You would have no idea? Alright thank you. 

911: You're welcome. 

Then the man hung up.  He had called at 9:41 p.m.... only two hours and nineteen minutes shy of morning. 

The use of medical marijuana is permitted by Oregon state law while recreational use is not. 



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