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Teen Honor Student Brutally Murdered Parents with Multiple Weapons... and Blames His Dad for Taking Away His iPod

A 16-year-old Norview High School student, Vincent Tyrell Parker of Norfolk entered a guilty plea to charges of killing both his parents in a brutal assault he claims was fueled by his dad taking away his iPod.

Parker admitted to leaving school early, while his father was still at work.  Vincent drove home to the 1000 block of Bland Avenue, where he lived with his parents.  He went upstairs and pepper-sprayed his mother when she came out of the bathroom.  He then stabbed her in the eye and beat her with a crowbar and a baseball bat.  

Vincent claimed at the time that he hadn't argued with his mother before the attack. "I just remember getting mad. It's all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad talking away my iPod and stuff," he said.

When Vincent's father arrived home from work, the teen attacked him with a crowbar before stabbinbg him multiple times.

The boy's DNA was found on several weapons. He's currently being held in a detention center and is expected to be sentenced later this year, on September 18.

The crowbar, baseball bat and five bloody knives were recovered at the crime scene. Vincent initially fled the home, he later showed up at the police station still covered in blood. He told the officers that his father had attacked him but soon after came clean with the truth. Vincent said he just got mad and went off. The teen stated there had been no arguments with his mother; he was just angry with his father for taking things away from him such as his iPod.


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