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Udall, DSCC Hit Cory Gardner with Spanish Language Ad in Colorado

Colorado incumbent Mark Udall and the DSCC are out with a Spanish-language ad attacking Republican Cory Gardner on, of all topics, veterans' issues.

Reportedly, the buy is well up in the six-figure range and will run through Election Day. The costs is being split between Udall's campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. A transcript of the ad in English is as follows:

"We respect their service and believe our veterans deserve the same respect when they return home. But Congressman Cory Gardner and Washington Republicans supported a budget that cut housing vouchers for 11,000 homeless veterans. It's true. Don't Gardner and Washington Republicans know we have over 1,500 homeless veterans in Colorado? Congressman Cory Gardner and Washington Republicans: wrong for our veterans, our community and our Colorado."

The full ad appears below.


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