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Free-market solutions work well even with abortions

Jan 26, 2013 2:56 PM PT

Roe v. Wade will never be overturned. Now do I have your attention?

Americans by-and-large believe in the founding principle of individual liberties even if they don't agree with that choice, and are often unwilling to take away another's choice. Individual liberty in American culture is not based on agreement. This does not ignore some actions that are not acceptable in a rational, law-abiding society.

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Remember, conservatives are the "selfish" ones

Jan 26, 2013 11:40 AM PT

There's a lot to dislike about MSNBC commentator Toure's horribly callous celebration of abortion, which once saved him from the life-destroying burden of raising a child.  But the pure narcissism of his outlook is the most striking thing about it.  "It's all about me!" sing the very same people who routinely accuse conservatives and libertarians of venerating selfishness.  On the contrary, the Right is increasingly the only place you can hear anyone voicing concern for those who don't lack the appropriate level of political influence.

Cults of personality have huge carbon footprints

Jan 26, 2013 11:22 AM PT

Conservatives are often surprised by the intensity of leftist personality cults, particularly the one surrounding Barack Obama.  Voting for a politician you admire or agree with is one thing, but we marvel that any self-respecting person could sit quietly while Jamie Foxx tells them Obama is their "Lord and savior," or Lena Dunham talks about him like a hot prom date that ends in the voting booth.  

In a similar vein, it's hard to believe that devotees of the Church of Global Warming don't bat an eye when their leaders build gigantic mansions and ride huge carbon-spewing limousines to the airfields where their private jets are parked.  Recently we learned that actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who chartered a jet (along with the aforementioned Jamie Foxx) so he could fly across time zones and enjoy multiple New Years Eve parties, is "taking a break from acting" so he can "fly around the world and do good for the environment."  Now we've got Derek Jeter attending the Davos Economic Forum to bleat about climate change, which he fantasizes - contrary to the actual statistics on storm activity - is causing more hurricanes.  He'll jet back from Davos to relax in a mansion larger than Downton Abbey.

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The androgynous toy market must be interesting

Jan 24, 2013 11:52 PM PT

In response to Magic Dolls and Progressive Parents:

If Mother Seepersad avoids buying her daughter "any toys geared toward girls," I wonder what she does buy her.  I can't imagine it would be toys geared toward boys, because that would most likely involve guns, armored fighting vehicles, ninja, or cybernetic monsters, and no sensitive progressive mother wants to dump that sort of thing on her little girl, at least not until the details of women serving in front-line combat positions have been fully worked out.  The savvy investor should consider buying stock in companies that produce gender-neutral androgynous stereotype-free toys, such as Play-Doh or "Twilight" action figures.

WWD Fashion Editor To Michelle Obama: Stop Acting Like An 'Indulged Starlet'

Jan 24, 2013 9:27 PM PT

Women's Wear Daily executive editor Bridget Foley took a shot at First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday in a piece that was critical about the first lady's decision to be so secretive about her inaugural wardrobe before the ceremonies, asking, "Dancing on an enormous presidential seal at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in front of a worldwide television audience is personal and private? And isn’t that dress destined to live in perpetuity at the National Archives? Does Mrs. Obama keep a hosiery drawer there?" : 

From the human standpoint, clothes should not have been solicited from so many people. That’s right, not brands, firms or houses, but people. Sketches, fine. Conversations, fine. But to have had so many designers put effort, resources and emotion into making clothes is just not nice. And 15 or more designers? What woman in search of an event dress has a short list of 15 favorites?

Mrs. Obama isn’t an indulged starlet primping for the Oscars, nor should she behave like one. Women everywhere have big events for which they select a single dress in advance of the moment. Some of those women and some of those events are high-profile. (See: Kate Middleton; wedding to presumptive future king.)

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