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Before You Celebrate African-American History Month

Jan 31, 2013 1:26 PM PT

This kills me coming from the Right....Stop Falling For Political Correctness.

Carter Woodson created BLACK History week.  He chose the second week in February to honor and celebrate the lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.  Woodson wanted blacks to not only learn about their own heritage but to also understand the progress that could be made when whites and blacks worked together.

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No Bad Dogs, Only Bad Dog Owners

Jan 31, 2013 9:56 AM PT

In response to On Dogs and Responsibility:

How awful.  I'm sure you heard about this story.  Thankfully, it has a happy ending, Joey's vet adopted him and he is recovering nicely. People donated thousands of dollars to pay for his care.  While we have people who do things like throw a puppy out of a window of a moving car, we also have people who donate money to take care of that poor wounded animal. 

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On Dogs and Responsibility

Jan 31, 2013 9:17 AM PT

Lately I've seen way too many stories about dogs who are abandoned or given up at shelters because of irresponsible and outright abusive pet owners.  I couldn't help but think it is somehow related to the overall lack of responsibility too many people show in other areas of their lives (raising their children, saving money for their retirement, paying health care costs, etc.). 

I just got this email from radio producer Cameron Gray:

What IN THE H*** is it with awful people and dogs lately. Yesterday, we get this story: Photo of Rescued Pit Bull Warms the Hearts of the Web, and one of the most beautiful and heartwarming pictures ever stemming from a sick and heartbreaking story.  This Florida dog being rescued from its dog fighting Hell.

I loved it so much, I even made it my Twitter avi.  That sweet face could melt Mr. Burns.

Then today, Mary Climer sent me this story: Dog sentenced to death in Tennessee because he is 'gay'.  That sent me into hyperspace.  So we have a-holes who get their kicks from betting on dogs fighting to their deaths, and also total rubes that think one dog dominating each other is gay (Paging "Big Gay Al's Animal Sanctuary").  I went online to get the contact info for the animal shelter in Jackson, TN so I could post it and help get the "gay" dog adopted.  I was so relieved that this was the first hit: 'Gay' dog in Tennessee shelter gets speedy adoption after story.

Forget licensing and testing gun owners, how about licensing and testing dog owners.  (Kidding, but come on).  

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War on Pizza

Jan 31, 2013 8:34 AM PT

I recently appeared on the Huffington Post's HuffPost Live show to discuss some of newsy topics of the day, one being a pending lawsuit in California where some woman was suing Nestle and California Pizza Kitchen over their frozen pizza business. The woman is suing these two companies because she feels that the 'Trans Fats' found in their frozen pizza is making her and others sick. Remember, this is the left coast, things are different over there. 

Everything is going to kill you! Look, I love me some Krispy Kreme donuts. There is a KK about 4 blocks from my house, and I eat them every so often to reward myself for all the good work I do. God forbid that I develop a donut-shaped tumor on my forehead, or die of sugar overload, I am not going to sue KK for bringing me so many years of donut-eating pleasure. It was my choice to buy and eat the donuts, just like it was the choice of this crazy medicinal marijuana smoking woman suing the frozen pizza lobby to eat the pizza. 

Your Overnight Chicago Murder League Box Scores

Jan 31, 2013 6:25 AM PT

Sub-zero windchill spelled a relatively quiet hump day in America's gun control capital, with a scant 6 wounded and 0 dead, awaiting this morning's hospital reports. South Austin led all neighborhoods in scoring with 2 wounded, cementing its lead in the CML central west division.

The light overnight CML action follows an exciting 5 days of high-scoring gang offense, with 14 dead since Friday, including 15-year old honor student Hadiya Pendleton. It was the first murder of the year for upscale Kenwood-Hyde Park, home to President Obama and perennial cellar-dweller of the CML's highly competitive south division.

Chicago's Deadly Gun Culture Can't be Medicated

Jan 30, 2013 5:10 PM PT

As the gun control debate rages on, some serious conservatives and others have called for legislation that would deal with the mentally ill. However, for instance, Chicago newspaper headlines like "Ronnie Chambers, 33, is the fourth child Shirley Chambers has lost to gun violence. She has no more," are the norm in that city. Of the 500 plus homicides in Chicago last year, 80 percent of them where gang related. All this in a city with some of America's most restrictive gun laws. 

While I agree that our focus should be on ways to keep guns away from the insane, shouldn't conservatives be asking the questions the Left won't? For instance, how, after having enacted some of the country's most stringent gun laws did Chicago remain a gun and gang-driven blood bath? The gang violence gripping the city of Chicago, the brutal murders ravishing that city on a daily bases didn't exist a generation ago; so what has happened? 

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Best Laid Plan for Dividing Household Chores

Jan 30, 2013 3:15 PM PT

I've always contended that if I ever get married or shack up (now legal in Virginia!) I would be willing to cook, clean and do all other housework in exchange for the yard work being done by the man.  And killing bugs, obviously.  If that day ever comes I will have proof in hand that it will be worthwhile for him.  Via The Daily Caller:

A study published in the February edition of the American Sociological Review concludes that  husbands who engaged in more traditionally masculine chores — yard work, trash  collection, home repairs — tend to get more action in the bedroom than those who  gravitated to the more feminine tasks around the house — cooking, cleaning,  etc.

“Our findings suggest the importance of gender display for sexual frequency  in heterosexual marriage: couples where men participate more in core tasks — work typically done by women — report lower sexual frequency,” the researchers  wrote. “Similarly, couples where men participate more in non-core, traditionally  masculine tasks report higher sexual frequency, suggesting the importance of  gender-typed participation in household labor.”

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Either Men Are Funnier Than Women, or Rolling Stone Is Sexist

Jan 30, 2013 1:36 PM PT

Last week, Rolling Stone published their "50 Funniest People Now" list and featured only 12 women out of 52 comics.  

I have a number of problems with the article, not limited to but including the fact that a) For a publication that considers itself edgy, the only surprise in the list is that they shoehorned 52 names into a "Top 50" list, b) They audaciously claim Tina Fey's 2008 Sarah Palin sketches were not "mean-spirited," and c) They leave world's most downloaded podcaster, comedian Adam Carolla, off the list entirely.  I would bet big money that Carolla is ommitted purely because he doesn't resemble RS's politically correct world view.  Still, according to Rolling Stone, the Podcast King and bestselling author is not as funny as Charles Barkley or Joan Rivers.

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Re: Critical Ratings Theory

Jan 30, 2013 1:16 PM PT

My Kleagle friend also said she demonstrated "only the most superficial acquaintance with Critical Race Theory, particularly in confusing the elementary concepts of Racial Privilege and Racial Hegemony."

 Just telling you what he said.   I don't keep up with the literature like he does.


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