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BuzzFeed Politics Takes Two More Credibility Hits Today

Feb 20, 2013 1:57 PM PT

At the exact same time BuzzFeed Politics' Andrew Kaczynski was puffing himself as The Arbiter Of Journalistic Ethics with some new rules about how it's now wrong to write stories based on what you’re told by unnamed sources, he was busted cold engaging in a deceit that apparently included editing a post without acknowledging the edit.

As Michelle Malkin's fabulous Twitchy notes, in the past, Kaczynski has criticized others for not noting editing changes. Previously, Twitchy has caught Kaczynski memory-holing mistakes, most memorably after he was duped by ridiculous Hurricane Sandy photos.

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It's Deja Vu All Over Again With The Media Sniping

Feb 19, 2013 3:59 PM PT

In response to Nice Scoop Politico:

I have so much admiration for John Sexton and John Hayward for wading through that BS. I got through maybe two paragraphs, earlier today, and had to stop because it was making my head hurt. If they're going to pretend there's no media bias - they're just getting bamboozled by Obama's uber sophisticated Jedi-Media operation - I'm sorry - I just don't have the patience you guys have.

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Media bamboozled by newfangled Intertube technology

Feb 19, 2013 12:29 PM PT

In response to Nice Scoop Politico:

I love the refrain scattered throughout Politico's apologetic that Team Obama has somehow dazzled them with fabulous new technologies.  Too bad there was no way for George Bush's White House to create photo and video content, then instantly release it to the masses through social media!  But that technology didn't exist until January 2009, and it appeared so suddenly that the media was naturally blindsided by its advent.

Nice Scoop Politico

Feb 19, 2013 12:15 PM PT

In response to The media doth protest too much:

That Politico story on White House media manipulation is incredibly galling. There is nothing in it which bloggers (myself included) were not saying almost 4 years ago. Here's one of Politico's big revelations:

One authentically new technique pioneered by the Obama White House is extensive government creation of content (photos of the president, videos of White House officials, blog posts written by Obama aides), which can then be instantly released to the masses through social media. They often include footage unavailable to the press.

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Obama to taxpayers: One false move and the firefighters get it

Feb 19, 2013 8:04 AM PT

In response to Obama hides behind the boys in blue and red; media swoon:

The same farce plays out every time Obama tries to hide from spending cuts.  The first penny slashed from this titanic government comes right out of a firefighter's pocket!  Ask me too many tough questions about food stamp abuse, and I'll fire some cops!  Make a move on those federal studies to measure the effect of crack cocaine abuse on robot squirrels, and I'll send some teachers to the bread lines!

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The media doth protest too much

Feb 19, 2013 7:56 AM PT

The media really is freaking out over Golf-gate... at least, to the extent they're willing to get truly upset with Barack Obama about anything.  Yesterday brought a really remarkable Politico article about "Obama the Puppet Master."  I picked it apart in depth here; suffice to say, it's a marvel of passive-aggressive resentment mixed with admiration.  

Taken with other media anguish about Obama ordering them off the golf course, it might also be a very low-caliber shot across the bow at the White House - "even you can only abuse us so much, Mr. Obama."  Above all, it's a limited mea culpa designed to shift the blame for media bias, peppered with repeated insistence that conservatives have it all wrong.  The media's not serving as willing cheerleaders for a President they ardently support.  No, they've been seduced by Obama's awesome media manipulation skills and advanced technology!  They're really the victims here.  They're basically American heroes for bravely stepping forward and softly muttering about the way they've been treated for the last four years... months after Obama's second term was secure.

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Obama hides behind the boys in blue and red; media swoon

Feb 19, 2013 7:33 AM PT

We interrupt this bout of media navel-gazing--why does Obama abuse us when we love him so?--to offer some constructive advice to the White House press corps: start showing some common-sense skepticism.

Today, for example, President Obama is surrounding himself with firefighters and police to claim that the evil sequester--which he invented--is going to force them out of their jobs. The media are aflutter about it.

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