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Why CREDO Mobile Doesn't 'Like' Facebook

Feb 21, 2013 7:41 PM PT

In case you hadn't seen it, CREDO Mobile has been up to its antics again - this time it's had Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in its sights.  The mobile phone service provider has been using its phone network and online outreach to try and pressure Zuckerberg to distance himself from NJ Governor Chris Christie.

The Facebook founder held a private fund-raiser for Christie at his home last week, his first ever such event. Zuckerberg is not overtly political and isn't registered with either party. While he has participated in pro-Obama events in the past, he also teamed up in 2010 with both Christie and Newark mayor Corey Booker, a Democrat, to create new educational programs in Newark, NJ through a $100 million donation of his own.

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Gun Control

Take Joe Biden seriously at your peril

Feb 21, 2013 4:03 PM PT

In response to 'Shotgun' Joe Biden:

It gets even better, Javier: following Biden's dim-witted advice would actually get you arrested in his home state, for aggravated menacing and reckless endangering in the first degree.  You're not supposed to discharge firearms at people just for trespassing on your property, and when you fire into the air, the round eventually comes down and hits something, or someone.  And yes, people really have been arrested for doing more or less what Biden just told them to do.

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Chauncey Hagel Strikes Again

Feb 21, 2013 2:55 PM PT

In response to Chuck Hagel not exactly a Republican, for a while now:

I'm telling you, Rush nailed it back in 2002: 

"It's almost like Peter Sellers in that movie. Oh, what was the name of that movie? He played... (interruption) Who? Being There. Right. He says nothing, and everybody thinks he's the most brilliant guy in the world. "Well, in the spring, the plants grow," and he's a guest on all the talk shows for having a brilliant mind when it comes to politics."

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Bob's Big Boi?

Feb 21, 2013 2:49 PM PT

In response to Big Boi at CPAC Would Be Interesting...:

Call me behind the times or whatever you want, but who the heck is Big Boi? I get that he is some rapper, but is that his only claim to fame? The only ''Big Boi' I know is  the burger joint out in California, Bob's Big Boy. Honestly, I don't even know if they are around anymore, nor do I know what this has to do with Ace's story. Heading to Burger King now.


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