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Open Carry Passes in Texas Senate, Changes Force it Back to House

The Texas Senate gave final passage to House Bill 910, the bill that would allow concealed carry license holders to openly carry a handgun. The bill was passed out of the Senate during a late night Memorial Day weekend session with a vote of 20-11. Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston) was the lone Republican voting against the bill.

Mexican authorities take down a complex surveillance system set up by the Gulf Cartel in the border city of Reynosa

Gulf Cartel Had Camera Surveillance System Across Mexican Border City

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Mexican authorities have dismantled a massive surveillance system used by the Gulf cartel in a city bordering Texas. The system was made up of surveillance cameras and spread throughout the city. The cameras were placed in as many as 52 different spots on top of light and telephone poles. They were used to send online video to organized crime members about the actions of the average citizen as well as the movements of state and federal authorities, information provided to Breitbart Texas from the Tamaulipas government revealed.

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