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TSU Shooting

1 Dead, 1 Wounded in Shooting Near a Texas University Campus

A suspect is allegedly in custody in connection to a shooting near Texas Southern University (TSU) that left one person dead and another wounded. The shooting occurred at a student apartment complex near the campus at about 11:30 CDT on Friday morning.


US Federal Officer Working for Mexican Cartel Sentenced To Prison

A Mexican drug cartel had a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer working for them at an international port of entry in this border city. That U.S. federal officer will be spending six and a half years in prison for using his badge to help cartel drug smugglers get their loads into America.

Wendy Davis

The Life of Wendy Davis Inspires NBC ‘Dramedy’

Former Texas State Senator and failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis will be the subject of a new NBC series. The show is set to be a dramedy–defined as a comedy with dramatic moments. It is unclear if the show will touch on the utter humiliation Davis faced when her entire life story was exposed as a series of fabrications or the near constant humor that was her failed campaign.

sold guns to gulf cartel

Mexican Cartel Effort to Buy Guns in US Busted by Police

A Texas man has been charged in an ongoing Mexican cartel effort to buy guns in the U.S. The man is charged with having personally purchased at least 38 weapons for the cartel. Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives recently arrested 31-year-old Carlos Alberto Zamudio on straw purchasing charges. Straw purchasing refers to the practice of U.S citizens with a clean background purchasing weapons for people who are not able to such as convicted felons, foreign nationals, and, along the Texas border, Mexican drug cartels.

Clock Boy   Costume_1444237538940_171022_ver1.0_640_360

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Halloween Costume Pulled from Online Store

The latest Halloween costume pulled directly from the headlines, Clock Boy Meme Costume, was unexpectedly pulled from cyber-shelves. Late yesterday, Breitbart Texas spoke to CEO Johnathon Weeks who confirmed that the Clock Boy costume will not be sold. Although he did not divulge why the abrupt change of plans, Weeks only said, “The costume was a hoax just like the little boy.”

Illegal Immigrants rescued in Frio County

Video: Nearly 40 Illegal Immigrants Discovered Near Death in Trailer

A police body cam attached to a Frio County deputy sheriff captured the moment when nearly forty illegal immigrants were spared from a horrible death in the back of a Texas trailer. The illegal immigrants had been loaded into the back end of a trailer with no ventilation in the heat of the Texas summer so that they could be smuggled through the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint.

Twin Towers Burining

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s Dad Shares 9/11 ‘Truther’ Posts on Facebook

Last month, on September 12, Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed, father of Texas ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed, posted on Facebook a photo of the World Trade Center Twin Towers shrouded in raging smoke in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The photo appeared on his Sudanese National Reform party page on the day after the 9/11 anniversary.

Border Patrol Funeral

Sen. McCain Vows to Challenge DHS on Border Patrol Agent’s Murder by Illegal Aliens

Border Patrol agents in the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) have been relentless in their efforts to honor and help the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega, Jr. Agent Vega was murdered by two illegal immigrants while defending his family on a fishing trip. Senator John McCain joined the NBPC’s Green Line podcast and declared his support for the agents’ fight against Customs and Border Protection (CBP) refusing to declare Agent Vega’s death a line of duty death and thereby honor the slain agent and help his widow and children to have more financially secure futures.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro with Hugo Chavez

US Judge Unseals Drug Trafficking Indictments of Former Top Venezuelan Officials

It’s an understatement to describe the relationship between the US and Venezuela as strained. The two countries have a history of expelling each other’s diplomats after spats over petroleum, democracy, and human rights. However, that tension was taken to a new level recently when US judges quietly unsealed indictments charging two former top Venezuelan police officials with drug trafficking.


Border Patrol Agents Find Illegal Immigrant Stuffed in Suitcase

FALFURRIAS, Texas — Agents with the U.S. Border Patrol found an illegal immigrant stuffed inside a suitcase at an immigration checkpoint 80 miles north from the Texas border. As part of the case, agents also arrested two other illegal immigrants and three suspected human smugglers that were traveling in the same vehicle.

Dead Fish

Thousands of Dead Fish Hit Texas Beach

The shocking discovery of thousands of dead fish washing up on a Texas beach south of Houston has local officials and fishermen expressing concern. The cause of the mysterious fish death is not known at this time.

Uber (Reuters)

My Uber Driver Touched Me, Says Texas Woman

An 18-year-old Texas woman told authorities that her Uber driver took her to his apartment against her will and touched her inappropriately. The Uber driver has been arrested. The driver, 55-year-old Michael Olu-Wehuje was picked up by Travis County deputies and the alleged victim is speaking out to local media.

Cannabis Supporters Hope For Legalization

Help! I’m Too High on Marijuana, Says 911 Caller

An Ohio man could be hot water after calling 911 due to the perception that his marijuana was too good. The man called authorities and said he was “too high.” Police reportedly found the man lying in the fetal position surrounded by bags of Doritos, Goldfish crackers, and Chips Ahoy cookies.

Martin Juarez

Cartel Wannabe Arrested in Mexico After Facebook Posts

A man boasting on Facebook of occupying a leadership position for the feared Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion ended up behind bars exposed as a fraud. Authorities from the Mexican State of Jalisco arrested 24-year-old Martin Juarez Campos on charges of inciting violence and promoting crime, information provided to Breitbart Texas by Jalisco’s Attorney General’s Office revealed.

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