Restaurant Workers Hide In Freezer from Open Carry Activists

Restaurant Workers Hide In Freezer from Open Carry Activists

On May 1st restaurant employees at a Fort Worth, Texas, Jack In The Box hid in a freezer after members of Open Carry Texas entered the store carrying their rifles in plain sight.

According to the Daily Mail, employees “fled the service counter and locked themselves in a freezer, convinced they were being held up.”

The police were called and “more than 15 officers showed up on scene.”

The Open Carry Texas members explained that they were carrying their rifles in the open as part of their ongoing push for a change in laws to allow open carry of handguns in public.

Rifles can already be legally carried in the open in Texas.

After talking with the police, Concealed Carry Texas members “returned to the Jack In The Box” and posed for photographs with the employees who had hidden in the freezer.

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