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Texas Homecoming Queen was Swept Away in Flash Flood

A homecoming queen was on her way home from the prom early Sunday morning when she was swept away and killed by flood waters, about 35 miles from San Antonio, and just miles away from her home of Devine Texas. Her body has now been recovered.


Texas Open Carry Bill Stalls Again Due to Political Pressure

The Texas House of Representatives voted against concurrence with changes made to the open carry bill by the Senate. The move by the House sends the bill to a conference committee between the two bodies of the Legislature to resolve their differences in the bill.

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Oil Crash and Rain Drive Texas Manufacturing Downward

Despite rebounding oil prices, manufacturing in Texas in on a downward slide. A report from the Dallas Fed stated that manufacturing fell further than expected to reach the lowest level since June 2009. The heavy rains and flooding in Texas is also impacting Texas manufacturing.


Cartel Shootout Leaves 5 Dead near Texas Border

A fierce gun battle between Gulf Cartel members and the Mexican military left five gunmen dead near the Texas border city of Rio Bravo. The shootout took place when a Mexican military convoy was conducting routine patrols near an intersection on the main highway connecting the city of Rio Bravo with the border city of Matamoros, information released by the Tamaulipas government revealed.

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Institutional Left Exploiting Texas Floods for Political Gain

With devastating floods ravaging counties across Texas, the establishment Left isn’t waiting for rescue workers to finish cleaning up the mess before they declare the culprit: climate change deniers. Let’s look at some Texas history to see if 2015’s extreme weather is a sure sign climate change deniers are leading us to towards a disaster movie ending.


Texas Kidnapper Shot Dead

An Amber Alert has been issued by Texas law enforcement officials for a 9-year-old girl believed to be in “grave danger” after allegedly being kidnapped by her uncle. Police from Benbrook issued the alert after Caitlyn Elizabeth Williams failed to return home on Sunday after she was supposed to be spending the weekend with a friend. She has been spotted at least two times with her uncle since disappearing.

Arragant Obama - AP Photo - Andrew Harnik

Obama Vows Federal Help to Texas Flood Victims

President Barack Obama told press corps in the Oval Office this morning that he spoke with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and assured him that Texas can count on the federal government to help Texans. The Lone Star State has sustained historic damage from catastrophic floodwaters that hit the state over the Memorial Day holiday and weekend.

An F4 tornado caused massive destruction in the Mexican border city of Acuna

6-Second Tornado Kills 13 in Mexican City Bordering Texas

Six seconds is all it took for a EF-4 tornado to bring chaos to the Mexican border city of Ciudad Acuna, destroying 750 homes, killing 13 individuals — including three children — and sending hundreds of victims to local hospitals. As Breitbart Texas reported, the tornado ripped an infant from a mother’s arms.

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