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Watch: SC Freedom Summit Livestream

Citizens United and Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) are teaming up to bring grassroots activists from across South Carolina and the surrounding area to hear directly from national conservative leaders at the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday. With the critically important


ESPN’s Cowherd: HBO Not a ‘Liberal Network’

During Thursday’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on ESPN, host Colin Cowherd responded to an email from a listener in response to the Chris Rock baseball rant on HBO on why blacks and baseball are not a fit. Cowherd stated

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GOP Presidential Candidates Campaign for Tea Party Support

With Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all having announced their run for president, the 2016 presidential primary election is on everyone’s mind. Many, from both sides of the political aisle, are itching to see if grassroots organizations and movements like liberal Moveon.org and the Tea Party will once again factor into the political equation.


Watch: Mike Lee on ‘Our Constitution,’ 2016 GOP Race

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) discussed his wait-and-see attitude on the 2016 Republican presidential nomination race and his new book, “Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document.” Transcript as follows: STEPHANOPOULOS:

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Ted Cruz Raking in Millions — But Poorly Matched to Defeat Hillary

Just over two weeks after Tea Party poster boy Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced he would be running for president in 2016, the Associated Press is reporting four super PACs who support Cruz have already raked in millions in donations, with the final tally expected to reach an astounding $31 million by week’s end.

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Blue State Blues: Jim Jordan’s Semi-Secret Society to Save America

The emergence of the Freedom Caucus among House Republicans comes as something of a pleasant shock. The organization, headed by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), will act as a kind of friendly conservative opposition within the overall GOP caucus to hold members and leadership accountable to the mandate they received from voters–and to prevent the repeat of past negotiating collapses.


Watch: Live Stream from SCOTUS — King v Burwell

Tea Party Patriots (TPP) will be out in force Wednesday to make their voices heard as the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments King v. Burwell, the historic case that could decide the future of Obamacare. “We’re hopeful that the Justices

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Six Year After Santelli’s Rant, Focus Shifts to Foreign Policy

Thursday marked the sixth anniversary of CNBC editor Rick Santelli’s famous “rant heard ’round the world” from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. It was the moment that launched a nascent movement, rousing conservatives to stand up to the radical presidency of Barack Obama. As I note in my recent book Wacko Birds: The Fall (and Rise) of the Tea Party, the Tea Party succeeded in stopping much of Obama’s agenda. It has since helped the GOP retake both Houses of Congress.


Santelli Remembers Famous Tea Party Rant 6 Years Later

CNBC Contributor Rick Santelli recalled his famous rant that helped spark the Tea Party movement on its six-year anniversary on Thursday’s “Squawk Alley.” Six years ago, he railed against bailouts and said “we’re thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in

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Arizona House Education Committee Votes to Dump Common Core

Several months after Arizona voters elected a state schools superintendent who ran on an anti-Common Core platform, a state House education committee has approved a measure to ditch the Common Core standards and block the state Board of Education’s ability to adopt new standards.

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