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Old Media Death Watch: Internet Overtaking TV, Print as Best News Source

Sep 19, 2012 4:46 AM PT

Yesterday, Rasmussen released survey findings showing that the internet is inching ahead of television as the best way to get news and information in the world.  The survey was conducted September 12-13 among 1000 adults.

The internet lead the pack among the various news outlets, with 40% identifying it as the best source of news. Television was a close second with 37%. Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that a mere 7% identify print newspapers as the best way to get news. This is right on target with the a recent report that newspaper ad revenue has dropped to 1950's levels. Even figuring in the online outlets of print media, revenue from print advertising has taken a nose-dive.

"Five years ago, 30% viewed the Internet as the best way to get news and information, while 37% relied most on television. Print newspapers and radio were considered the best ways to get news and information by 14% and 13%."

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