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Egypt: President Sisi Announces Third Trip to Russia

Egypt’s President Abel Fattah al-Sisi has announced he will make his third visit to Russia on August 25, when he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to “boost strategic relations” and “enhance cooperation with Russia in various fields, particularly economically.”

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The Huffington Post Defends HuffPostArabi, Its Pro-Jihad Hate Site

HuffPostArabi, the new Arabic edition of the Huffington Post, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Routinely condemned by both the right and left; the site–led by former Al Jazeera editors and Muslim Brotherhood supporters–has drawn support from the Huffington Post’s Washington Bureau Chief, Ryan Grim, who has taken to explaining “Why We’re in The Middle East.”


Egypt Becoming More Accepting of Jews, Israel Under New Leadership

In direct contrast to the Muslim Brotherhood regime that ruled Egypt just a couple of years ago, the new government in Cairo under Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has built a cordial relationship with the Jewish people and has remained an honest broker in negotiating mutually beneficial agreements with the State of Israel.


Corker to Kerry on Iran Deal: I Believe You Have Been Fleeced

Thursday at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about the details of the  nuclear agreement with Iran, committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told Secretary of State John Kerry he believed that he had been “fleeced” by Iran. Corker said, “From my


Amid New Wave of Attacks, Egypt Strengthens U.S. Ties

In a recent conversation, a senior Egyptian security official stated that Egypt needs the technological tools to monitor the borders, especially the western borders, “that is where large numbers of recruits and terrorists come. We have to monitor people and arms smuggling. Tunisia is the largest recruiter of the Mujahedeen,” he said. Tunisians make up the largest group of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria, estimated at about 3,000.

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CHARLIE HEBDO EDITOR: No More Mohammed Cartoons

The editor of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo has declared that he will not publish any more cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, just six months after the Islamist terrorist attack on the magazine that killed 11 civilians and one police officer.


Experts: Terrorists in Sinai Adopting ISIS-Style Attack Strategy

The July 1st attack in Egypt’s north Sinai has signaled a change in strategy from the previous attacks launched in the region, adopting a strategy used by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria forcused on taking and holding territory. Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, Egypt’s most active militant group in the Sinai, swore allegiance to ISIS in November 2014 becoming Sinai Province. The attempt to fly the ISIS flag in Sheikh Zuweid failed due to the Egyptian Armed Forces repelling the attack, killing over 250 terrorists with operations still continuing.

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Egypt Fights Back as Muslim Brotherhood Escalates Terrorist Activity

Egypt, on the forefront in fighting terrorism, remains committed to eradicating Islamist extremism. “There is a global campaign of terrorism, and the only way to confront it is through a comprehensive global response that deals with the entirety of the threat,” the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement this week following a wave of attacks on government targets.

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