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Berlin To Host Pro-Hamas Conference Days After Israel Independence Day

A pro-Hamas conference is slated to take place in Germany next weekend, just days after Israel celebrated its 67th year of independence as a Jewish state. The Berlin conference has come under fire from human rights supporters because Hamas, which openly seeks the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people, shares anti-Semitic goals that were also commonly expressed by Nazi Germany.

Islamists Strike Egyptian Military In Wave Of Sinai Ambush Attacks

Islamic militants carried out a wave of terror attacks on early Thursday in the Sinai Peninsula. In the most deadly of five separate attacks, over fifteen Egyptian soldiers were killed, and at least nineteen were wounded, officials stated. All of the assaults were carried out near the military checkpoint in Sheikh Zuweid, which is located mere miles from the Gaza Strip.

University of New Orleans: Divest from the Palestinian Authority

Signs of a new twist on the divestment phenomenon have recently been popping up on the campus of the University of New Orleans. Unlike the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign that began infiltrating college campuses nearly a decade ago, this divestment campaign targets the Palestinian Authority.
AP Photo/Michel Spingler

Canadian Government Facing Pressure to Outlaw Muslim Brotherhood

With growing evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood's presence and activity in Canada--together with their ties to terror around the world--the government is coming under increased pressure to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group, thereby making the organization illegal in Canada.

One Dead, 11 Wounded in Series of Attacks in Egypt

(Reuters) - A series of bombings killed one person and injured nine in Egypt's second city of Alexandria on Sunday and an attack by unidentified gunmen in another province wounded two others, security and medical sources said.

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