California vs. the Constitution--on Faith, Guns & Property

227 years ago today, September 17th, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed. Now, however, the government founded to protect our natural, inalienable rights has become the greatest threat to them. And the nation formed to protect religious liberty now forces conversion to political correctness, supplanting freedom with compliance.
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Silicon Valley Getting Attitude Adjustment over Privacy Concerns

The Silicon Valley tech giants that have been engaging in widespread internet surveillance of their customers’ shopping preferences, general attitudes, and deepest life-style secrets have failed to appreciate the mounting global concern over their record on online privacy and security. Yet after losing tens of billions of dollars in sales and facing government scrutiny, Silicon Valley giants like Apple and Google are only beginning to understand they need a big attitude adjustment to prevent deeper reputational damage to their business model. 17 Sep 2014, 3:50 AM PDT

Navy Jet Pilot Identified, Presumed Dead Following Mid-Air Collision

The Navy has revealed the identity of the pilot still missing after two F/A-18 Hornet Jets collided in mid-air shortly after taking off from the USS Carl Vinson last Friday evening. Extensive search efforts for the 26 year-old pilot, Lt. Nathan Poloski, were called off Sunday and he was declared presumed deceased Monday, September 15. 16 Sep 2014

Golden Gate Bridge Workers Go on Strike

On Monday, it was announced that 50 workers from the Golden Gate Bridge District would go on a one-day labor strike Tuesday to voice their disdain with recent proposals surrounding wages and health care premiums. Unions are saying a proposed three-year contract which plans to offer a 3 percent increase in wages will be negated when considering the additional 2 percent increase in health care premiums workers will incur. 16 Sep 2014

San Francisco Chronicle Rejects Prop. 45

The San Francisco Chronicle has urged readers to vote no on proposition 45, an attempt to let state regulators have control over insurance prices. Under current California law, the state insurance commissioner can deem health insurance rate increases to be excessive, but cannot veto the rates. Prop. 45 would change that, giving the commissioner the power to intervene if an increase in rates was judged to be excessive. 15 Sep 2014

Support for Death Penalty Plummets to 50-Year Low in California

Support for the death penalty among California voters is at its lowest point in nearly fifty years, according to the findings of a recent Field Poll. Curiously, both Democrats and Republicans favor keeping the death penalty, although the +5 margin among Democrats is substantially lower than the +50 margin among Republicans. 15 Sep 2014

Garcetti Wants Neighboring Cities to Hike Minimum Wage

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, suddenly realizing his populist appeal to hike the minimum wage might trigger businesses to leave the city and relocate in nearby areas, is pressuring cities near Los Angeles to impose a hike in their minimum wage, according to the Los Angeles Times. 15 Sep 2014

Triple Digit Heat Restricts SD School Days in Midst of Serious Drought

SAN DIEGO, California -- Extreme temperatures have led San Diego County area schools to implement "minimum day" schedules for schools with less than 100% classroom air conditioning.The high heat comes as the county is in the midst of a 20% mandatory conservation Drought Alert, and huge swaths of California are listed in the highest level, exceptional drought. 15 Sep 2014

Tesla in Nevada? A Win for California, Says Brown

The day after Nevada lawmakers approved a package of tax incentives worth $1,538,000 per job to persuade California based Tesla Motors Inc. to build its Gigafactory battery plant in the state, California Governor Jerry Brown, who is rumored to be preparing a Presidential run, told the Sacramento Bee on Friday that “Nevada’s tax breaks are California’s benefit” if they put electric cars on California roads. 15 Sep 2014

Environmentalists Sue over Crude-by-Rail

The environmental group Earthjustice, funded by George Soros and joined by the Sierra Club and ForestEthics, is suing the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in order to prevent crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken formation to be moved to California. 15 Sep 2014

Caution: Life in Santa Monica May Be Less than Perfect

SANTA MONICA, California -- The Associated Press reports that the city of Santa Monica, California beat 300 other towns in competing for $1 million in funding from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge to study "just how much people in this picture-postcard town really like living here." It might seem odd that the question might even need to be asked in this beachside town, with spectacular scenery and excellent services. 14 Sep 2014

Fire Crews' Safety Threatened by Blazes--and Bears

U.S Forest Service officials claim that bears are threatening the safety of fire crews already risking their lives putting out a wildfire in Yosemite National Park.In the Southern part of the state, a rampant wildfire burning since Friday morning consumed 1,500 acres. 14 Sep 2014

Steinberg (Finally) Says Wright Should Resign

After waiting more than six months after a Democratic State Senator was convicted of lying about living in the district he represented, outgoing State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) finally issued a public call for Roderick Wright’s resignation, according to the Los Angeles Times. 14 Sep 2014


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