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Tom Steyer to Put $1 Million into State Races, Including Races Between Democrats

Tom Steyer, the former hedge fund honcho who is now a billionaire focusing his energies on environmental activism, acknowledged on Thursday that he will spend $1 million to support Democrats in California in 2014 who fight for environmental causes as well as voter registration. He even stated that he will support one Democrat over another if one is more sympathetic to environmental activism. 29 Aug 2014

Copper Thieves Using Fake Uniforms, Trucks to Con CA Victims

As the demand for copper increases, an growing number of copper crooks are taking to California's streets by disguising themselves as legitimate construction workers, wearing safety vests and driving white trucks to gain access to homes, vacant properties, and industrial sites, where they can steal the desirable metal. 29 Aug 2014

37 Illegal Aliens Boat into U.S. Off San Diego Coast

Twice this week, panga boats filled with illegal aliens crossed over the U.S. border through the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Monday beachgoers watched in shock as one boat arrived on shore. Passengers fled, some of whom remain at large, while Tuesday’s boat was apprehended before reaching shore. 28 Aug 2014

Uber-Deal: CA Legislators Reach Accord on Ride-Sharing Insurance

Capital Public Radio reports that California legislators have loosened the restrictions on ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber, reducing the amount of insurance the drivers must carry between the time they turn their apps on until a match with a prospective passenger is made from $500,000 to $200,000. 28 Aug 2014

Tension at American ISIS Fighter's Reported Mosque

SAN DIEGO, California -- American citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain, recently killed in Syria after reportedly fighting alongside ISIS militants, has been at the center of new concerns over home-grown terrorists in the United States. McCain lived for years in San Diego, a city now identified as a hotbed for Islamic terror in the U.S. 28 Aug 2014

Al Qaeda Targets California

Fox News reports that the General Atomics defense contractor in San Diego is among the terror targets mentioned in a new English-language Al Qaeda magazine called Palestine--Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem. 28 Aug 2014

Another Young Muslim American Man Among ISIS Fighters

A second American citizen ISIS fighter is being reported to have been killed in the same battle in Syria that claimed the life of fellow Minnesotan, and San Diego resident, Douglas McAuthur McCain. McCain has also now been linked to a high school best friend that died fighting for Islamic jihadi group al-Shabaab in Somalia in 2009. 28 Aug 2014

Eric Garcetti to Raise Minimum Wage

The Los Angeles Times reports that on Tuesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to raise the city’s minimum wage to $13.50 an hour in the next three years was confirmed by top business leaders in the community. 27 Aug 2014

Californians Getting Better at Conserving Water

It has been no secret that for almost four centuries Californians have needed to manage droughts on a regular cycle. Some people describe the current situation as an exceptional drought, but water use statewide has actually increased over the last year, despite short-term water restrictions. However, looking at water use in two relatively normal water years of 2000 and 2010, California urban water use declined by 12% even though population grew by 9%, according to a study by the Public Policy Institute. 27 Aug 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown's Cell Phone Kill Switch Would Aid Criminals

In reaction to occasional violence involving robberies, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 962 on Monday, August 26, to launch the first-in-the-nation requirement that all smartphones sold in California be equipped with “kill switches.” These switches allow owners to remotely render the phone useless if stolen, according to the Los Angeles Times. But the measure will create opportunities for criminal gangs to use the kill switch protocol to commit other crimes and conduct mass shakedowns. 27 Aug 2014

Brown Agrees to $330 Million in Annual Hollywood Corporate Welfare

The rich and predominantly white elites of Hollywood will soon be swimming in $330 million in tax credits paid for by the hard working citizens of California. This more than triples the amount of corporate welfare the failed state was previously doling out to Hollywood gajillionaires. 27 Aug 2014

CA Lawmakers Aim To Ban English Only Instruction in Public Schools

A few hours after Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto said that Illegal Aliens deserve justice in the USA and Gov. Jerry Brown welcomed all illegal immigrants to California, lawmakers in Sacramento passed a proposed ballot measure seeking to dismantle the English-only mandate for public schools and increase multilingual education programs. 27 Aug 2014

California Black Caucus Speaks Out against Police Shootings

Fox 40 reports that on Monday, members of the California Black Caucus and the NAACP joined at the state capitol, brandishing huge pictures of five black men killed by police officers around the nation, including Eric Gardner, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, and Kimani Gray. They called for action to address police interaction with people of color. 27 Aug 2014


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