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Blurred Lines: Honda's Chief of Staff Issues 'Semi-Apology' in Email Scandal

Following criticism by Congressional candidate Ro Khanna on fellow Democrat and incumbent Rep. Mike Honda (CA-17), Honda's congressional chief of staff has issued an apology for blurring the lines between her official duties and her work on Honda's reelection campaign by sending an email to Honda's political director during office hours. 2 Oct 2014, 6:38 AM PDT

'Free-For-All' at Fresno's First Water Forum

Nearly 200 Fresno residents gathered at a local high school for the first of four scheduled "water forums" on Monday night, where individuals voiced their concerns and proposed long and short-term solutions to the city's water crisis. 2 Oct 2014, 6:06 AM PDT

Pastor Goes Homeless in Fundraising Campaign for Winter Sanctuary

After preaching Sunday’s second church service at Capital Christian Church in Sacramento, California, Pastor Rick Cole left on a mission to live homeless for two weeks--or until he raises $300,000 for a local homeless service, Winter Sanctuary. He announced the plans to his congregation during weekend services at the church. 1 Oct 2014

San Diego Ebola Drug, Denied by Obama, Could Save Patients

SAN DIEGO, California -- On Tuesday, the nation learned that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has isolated a man now confirmed as the first Ebola case diagnosed within the U.S. With little early information, what remedies will doctors seek to use--and will the ZMapp treatment serum used to treat two American aid workers be made vailable? 1 Oct 2014

Bell Gardens Mayor Shot, Killed; Wife Detained

Several shots rang out in the heat of a domestic dispute between Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, his 19-year-old son, and his wife Tuesday afternoon, when Mrs. Crespo allegedly grabbed a gun and shot her husband several times. 30 Sep 2014

'Clear and Present Danger': CA's Royce Warns on Ebola

Following news Tuesday of the first confirmed Ebola case in the United States, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), who chairs the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, issued a statement calling for the mobilization and amplification of efforts from the United States and the international community to aid West Africa in order to prevent the spread of the deadly hemorrhagic virus. 30 Sep 2014

Burnout: Scorched California Uses up Firefighting Budget

California has no money left in its firefighting budget just three months after the beginning of the 2014-2015 fiscal year, in the midst of a crippling drought and widespread fires. As a result, Gov. Jerry Brown's administration will have to transfer $70 million from a reserve fund in order to enable firefighting teams to fight the fires sure to come with the arrival of dry Santa Ana winds. 30 Sep 2014

Historic CA Plastic Bag Ban Bill Likely Headed to Voters in 2016

Today Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 270 into law, prohibiting grocery stores from putting shoppers' goods into plastic grocery bags. Immediately thereafter, the American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA), which represents the plastic bag manufacturing industry, announced that it would start taking the necessary steps to prepare for gathering signatures and qualifying a referendum to repeal SB 270 on the November 2016 ballot. 30 Sep 2014

Welcome Snow Falls Early on the Sierra Nevada, Blankets Lake Tahoe

The Los Angeles Times reported that the first snow of the season proved to be the largest down fall in many years for this early in the season. Tom Dang, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Sacramento said that up to 3 inches blanketed the Lake Tahoe Basin. The precipitation forced the shutdown of the California 108 at Sonora Pass which remained closed through Monday. 30 Sep 2014

Newsom Still Refuses to Debate Nehring for Lt. Governor

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom continues to refuse any debates with Republican challenger Ron Nehring. Though the state's rising Democratic star proclaims that he is "Dedicated to equal rights" on his Twitter page, evidently that enthusiasm for equality does not extend to sharing a platform with his opponent, nor to allowing voters to hold accountable for his positions in even the most perfunctory, once-every-four-years fashion. 30 Sep 2014

L.A. Masters Horse Show Abounds in Famous Daughters

You don't have to be rich (or even own your own horse) to be a top show jumper, or come from a rich family, but it doesn't hurt...financially, that is. Taking a fall from a horse hurts just as much no matter the thickness of your wallet. 30 Sep 2014

Brown Signs Bill Granting Illegals Access to Student Loans

College-age illegal immigrants in California now have access to a form of finance that used to be reserved for U.S. citizens: student loans, according to the Sacramento Bee. On Sunday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1210, by State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, into law. 30 Sep 2014

John McCain Endorses Elan Carr for Waxman Seat

LOS ANGELES -- Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) formally announced his endorsement of 33rd district congressional candidate Elan Carr on Monday. Carr is running against state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) to replace the outgoing Rep. Henry Waxman. 29 Sep 2014

Will Start-up 'Ello' Make Facebook take a Faceplant?

Facebook has kept ahead of its customers jumping ship by buying 40 companies, including its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp that worked out to $40 per WhatsApp user. But Ello could be the right competitive model at a time when many people would like to see Facebook take a “Faceplant.” 29 Sep 2014

The $5.6 Billion Price of Bill Gross Getting Dumped

On September 26, PIMCO's Bill Gross resigned from the firm he built into a $2 trillion world class manager, in order to avoid what the Wall Street Journal described as his impending termination for the abusive treatment of employees. The action rattled markets around the world as the stock value of PIMCO’s parent, Allianz Insurance, tanked by a stunning $4.9 billion. But when mutual fund giant Janus Capital Group announced Gross was taking over their tiny $13 million Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, Janus’ stock went up by $628 million. 29 Sep 2014

Cops Arrest Parents of 5-Year-Old Found With Cocaine in System

California’s latest candidates for parents of the year have now emerged: Marco and Sandy Cuevas, who were arrested on Thursday in Moorpark after cops found a half-pound of cocaine in the back seat of the car. Next to their five-year-old son. Who, it turns out, tested positive for the powder. 29 Sep 2014


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