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Governor's Race: Can Kashkari Light Spark with Debate?

California voters are paying little attention to the state's gubernatorial race, in which incumbent Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown, who enjoys 20-point leads over Republican rival Neel Kashkari, has barely campaigned at all. The two will meet for their first--and apparently only--debate later this week in Sacramento, just days after Brown hailed the "bipartisan" accomplishments of a state legislative session that saw his favored bills passed easily. 1 Sep 2014, 6:38 AM PDT

'Golden Era of Commercialized Cannabis' in California

It has been nearly 20 years since California passed Proposition 215, the landmark bill that created the nation's first medical marijuana market. Since that time, 22 states and the District of Columbia have joined California in putting medical marijuana laws on the books, and two states, Colorado and Washington, have made marijuana fully legal for "adult" or "recreational" use. 31 Aug 2014

Bipartisanship: Brown Will Sign Mandatory Sick Leave Bill

California Governor Jerry Brown made clear this weekend that he would sign a new bill that would require all businesses in the state--including small businesses--to provide paid sick leave to employees. Calling the bill “historic,” according to Reuters, Brown signaled his intent to sign it into law after it passed the state legislature early on Saturday. 31 Aug 2014

Feds Arrest 20-Year-Old OC Resident Who Allegedly Wanted to Join Islamic State

A 20-year-old California man is in Santa Ana Jail in Orange after federal authorities alleged he was planning to fly to Turkey and join the Islamic State (IS), according to the Orange County Register. Adam Dandach, AKA Fadi Fadi Dandach, lives with his mother in Orange, and FBI investigators assert in documents released to the court that Dandach had stated he would “assist ISIS with anything ISIS asked him to do.” 31 Aug 2014

Tech Companies to Play Big Role in Clinton's 2016 Campaign

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, notes that presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited the San Francisco area with her aides last week to hit up tech companies for cash and technical advice for the 2016 election. 31 Aug 2014

CA State Senate Approves Law Limiting Drone Use by Police

The Atlantic reports that the California State Senate, in an effort to protect the privacy of citizens, has passed legislation that forces police to secure warrants for surveillance before they use drones. If there are exigent circumstances, police will not need a warrant. 31 Aug 2014

California Media Hail 'Bipartisanship' in Sacramento

This is "bipartisanship" the way Democrats, and the mainstream media, like it: Republicans giving in on nearly every issue. From the Los Angeles Times to the San Jose Mercury News, journalists are united in praising the work that both parties did to pass a slew of bills that largely push a left-wing agenda, calling it an example for leaders in Washington. GOP leaders are basking in the temporary praise. But what, exactly, have they done? 31 Aug 2014

California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Reduce Gifts from Lobbyists

As California legislators prepare to adjourn from a year marked by political scandals, including the federal indictment of two senators on bribery charges, several bills were approved and on their way to Governor Jerry Brown for signing. Among them was the approval of legislation on Friday to reduce the value of gifts that lobbyists are allowed to give to lawmakers and state officials. 30 Aug 2014

Leftist Lawmakers and Enviro-Extremists Created CA Water Crisis

By wasting surface water and letting 800,000 acre-feet go out to sea instead of capturing and storing it for the bad years, California’s dysfunctional policies combined with uber-restrictive Federal endangered species protections have created over-dependency on groundwater.The fish now have more water rights than do the farmers and ranchers who by making a living off the land,feed this state and this country. 30 Aug 2014

Teen Death Sparks Debate Over BB Gun Fluorescent Marking Mandate

Air guns in California will soon be required to display multiple, specific, fluorescent markings under a new bill that now awaits Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. Controversy surrounds this bill as state legislators, businesses, organizations and citizens dispute the bill’s effects on police and citizen safety and economic impacts on both private business and state income. 30 Aug 2014

Tom Steyer to Put $1 Million into State Races, Including Races Between Democrats

Tom Steyer, the former hedge fund honcho who is now a billionaire focusing his energies on environmental activism, acknowledged on Thursday that he will spend $1 million to support Democrats in California in 2014 who fight for environmental causes as well as voter registration. He even stated that he will support one Democrat over another if one is more sympathetic to environmental activism. 29 Aug 2014

Copper Thieves Using Fake Uniforms, Trucks to Con CA Victims

As the demand for copper increases, an growing number of copper crooks are taking to California's streets by disguising themselves as legitimate construction workers, wearing safety vests and driving white trucks to gain access to homes, vacant properties, and industrial sites, where they can steal the desirable metal. 29 Aug 2014


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