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Media Matters' Misguided Gloating over FBN Shake Up

In what amounted to a media “night of the long knives,” last week Fox Business Network abruptly cancelled its three politics-oriented prime-time shows and starting February 20th will replace them with repeats of its earlier 5-8pm business related lineup.  It would appear that

Is Bachmann the New (Small-'R') Republican Mother?

Sabrina Schaeffer (close relation*) has a thought-provoking article up on NRO today about republicanism, gender and how Michele Bachmann might represent an emerging modern republican motherhood. What’s that? Here’s the gist, but its well-worth the full read: “The Republican Mother’s

All of Your Money Belongs to the State

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in an appeal of a 9th Circuit decision, Winn v Garriott, a challenge to one of Arizona’s education tax credit programs. It’s been getting more press than I’d expected, in

Has Obama Lost Black Voters on Policy?

President Obama still gets overwhelming support from black, largely Democratic voters. His support hovers around 90 percent despite the economy and high unemployment. But a new poll out hints that Obama might have lost black voters on policy . .