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These Reality Shows Highlight American Grit, Not Glitz

These Reality Shows Highlight American Grit, Not Glitz

Although I’m a bit of a couch potato, reality television is not one of my guilty pleasures. I find many of these shows so removed from reality they should be called something more descriptive – fantasy TV. Although “Candid Camera”

Grading Television's Female Police Officers

When it comes to watching actresses portraying police officers or detectives, I admit that I am a bit of a chauvinist. I prefer my cops to be big and strong like Dirty Harry, and as more television programs feature women

Louisiana Abortion Clinic Scandal

Pennsylvania and Texas are finally investigating abortion clinics that allegedly have violations and that’s a healthy sign, but what is Louisiana waiting for? I’ve been told that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is a good man and there’s even been some

Forgotten Gem of a War Film: 'The Victors' (1963)

Until Saving Private Ryan, the 1963 film The Victors was what I considered the best war movie ever. Although some have pegged this as an anti-war film, I believe it is more descriptive of a movie that proves that war

Media Mostly Wrong About the Hispanic Vote

It’s no surprise to me when the MSM pontificates about the Hispanic vote when it tries to explain the immigration policies of this administration. But I was expecting more clarity in conservative publications. A couple of recent articles continue the

'Justified': The Best Show On TV

Tuesday was the finale of what I’ve come to believe is the best show on TV: “Justified.” I say that not because I’m enamored of the lead, Timothy Olyphant — and who would not love that hat? — but because

James Blunt: A Tale of Two Videos

Although James Blunt hit the big time with his hit, “You’re Beautiful,” I had never paid much attention to him until he guest starred in the “Las Vegas” finale singing “Same Mistake.” It was a haunting song and I went

Does Liberal Ideology Come Directly From the Movies?

I finally had the opportunity to see James Cameron’s paean to nature, “Avatar.” It is definitely beautifully filmed and there is an edenic quality to the alien planet of Pandora that probably reflects the director’s image of the biblical garden.

Let's Hear It for the Bloody Peace and Tolerance Party

In my column this week for the Irish Examiner USA, I wrote, “When it comes to Hate Speech and Violence, Liberals Rule.” For some strange reason liberals are identifying all contrary opinions as hateful regardless of the words actually used.

Sean Penn Exposed: Useful Idiot

Although Sean Penn has the reputation of being a fine actor, I’ve never shared that opinion and regard his acting as overrated. His early performance in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” as stoner Jeff Spicoli is regarded fondly by those

The Impossible Blindsiding of Hollywood

For the past few years I’ve avoided watching the Academy Awards having finally gotten the message that they’re just a big fat marketing tool that have nothing to do with quality filmmaking. My self-imposed boycott of the televised event was

'Eleventh Hour': When Good Television Dies Young

In my last Big Hollywood column, I waxed nostalgic over old television series but there is one modern drama that I wish had not bitten the dust so soon after debuting. That it was cancelled was probably inevitable and I’m

Bring Back June Cleaver: PCTV Too Real For My Taste

Whenever I watch a retrospective of the Golden Age of Television, I find the shows considerable less entertaining than television I’ve watched as an adult. The Golden Age actually refers to the dramatic programs, sometimes broadcast “live” starring many great

Part I: Appreciating True Erotica in Cinema

Even though I am of a certain age, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m an aficionada of true cinematic erotica. Unfortunately it does not exist in today’s offerings which can only be described as soft porn and even beyond