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London Taxis

Coalition Spent £50m On First Class Travel

The coalition has spent £50m on First Class travel and taxis since it came into office in 2010. This is despite pledging to put an end to luxury travel. The figures were released after a parliamentary question from a Labour MP,
Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Conservatives War Chest For Second General Election In 2015

The Conservatives are financially preparing for two General Elections in 2015, as the polls show neither major party will get an overall majority. Party officials have privately confirmed they preparing for a second full campaign because of fears neither off the
Gurcharan Singh

Former Labour Mayor Named Tory Candidate For Slough

A long term Labour Councillor and former Mayor of Ealing has been named as the Conservative candidate for Slough at the next general election. Gurcharan Singh defected to the Conservatives after he failed to secure the Labour nomination for Ealing
File / Reuters

Brits Who Smoke In Car with Kids to Face £50 Fine

Drivers who smoke with children in the car would be fined £50, under plans being prepared by ministers. The plan aims to protect kids from second hand smoke by creating a new criminal offence – with police empowered to issue

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