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Warsi: Under fire

Conservatives Unite To Oppose Pro-Hamas Former Chairman

Senior Conservatives have launched an unprecedented attack on the former Party Chairman Sayeeda Warsi, whom they accuse of having conducted a “right-wing purge” when she was in office. Baroness Warsi outraged moderate Conservatives by calling David Cameron a “posh boy”,
Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Don’t Vote Cameron Says Former ConservativeHome Boss

The former editor of has called on Conservatives not to decide how they vote next year based on David Cameron’s leadership, as the party is likely to change leader soon after. Tim Montgomerie said voters should “forget presidential-style politics

GCHQ Can’t Track Criminal Gangs Thanks To The Guardian

Intelligence agency GCHQ is finding it impossible to track some of Britain’s most dangerous criminal gangs because their tactics were disclosed in The Guardian. The intelligence agency, which monitors communications, has claimed criminal gangs changed their tactics after Edward Snowden
London Taxis

Coalition Spent £50m On First Class Travel

The coalition has spent £50m on First Class travel and taxis since it came into office in 2010. This is despite pledging to put an end to luxury travel. The figures were released after a parliamentary question from a Labour MP,
Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Conservatives War Chest For Second General Election In 2015

The Conservatives are financially preparing for two General Elections in 2015, as the polls show neither major party will get an overall majority. Party officials have privately confirmed they preparing for a second full campaign because of fears neither off the
Gurcharan Singh

Former Labour Mayor Named Tory Candidate For Slough

A long term Labour Councillor and former Mayor of Ealing has been named as the Conservative candidate for Slough at the next general election. Gurcharan Singh defected to the Conservatives after he failed to secure the Labour nomination for Ealing

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