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USDA Prime Cuts: Rural Broadband Subsidies

I have a crazy idea: let’s save millions of dollars by not spending money to build broadband networks where they already exist. The insanity of so-called “broadband stimulus” projects has been covered quite nicely here at BigGovernment by Seton Motley,

NPR: Not Particularly Relevant on Energy 'Subsidies'

Few fiscal-policy terms these days seem as elastic as the word “subsidy.” In a strict sense, it means a direct payment from government (i.e., taxpayers) to influence economic behavior. So it was with great interest that I read Robert H.

Lefty Group Outed As Author of Letter from Congressman

You’ve no doubt heard liberal Members of Congress and other interest groups calling the Tea Party movement “Astroturf,” a play on the term grassroots. Like our good friend Nancy, for example… [youtube SiaQRNiXo2s] Or the liberal pro-net neutrality group Free

FCC to U.S. Court of Appeals: Drop Dead!

After decades of flourishing beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, the internet may soon be forced under a draconian regulatory regime created for monopoly telephone services in the 1930s. Last week, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Federal Communications Commission