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Politics of 'Star Trek': "A Private Little War"

Politics of 'Star Trek': "A Private Little War"

Would it surprise you to know ‘Star Trek’ did a pro-Vietnam War episode? Prepare to be amazed as we continue our journey through the conservative world that is ‘Star Trek’ the original series with Episode 45: “A Private Little War.”

The Politics of 'Star Trek': 'Patterns of Force'

The Politics of 'Star Trek': 'Patterns of Force'

Conservatives often talk about what they don’t like about Hollywood. That’s okay, but it’s not productive. Maybe it’s time we talked about what we do like? More to the point, let’s point out when Hollywood has gotten it right. And

Top 20 Horror Films You Absolutely Must See Before You Die

Run for your lives! It’s October, the unofficial horror movie month! Horror is consistently one of the most popular genres in film, with even middling movies guaranteed to make money. Why? Because audiences want to feel emotion from their entertainment,

Ten Years: Where Is The 'Definitive' 9/11 Movie?

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center was wildly disappointing. This film could have been the defining film of our times, but it ended up being nothing more than a generic disaster film. It’s a missed opportunity, which I think was brought

Why Superhero Films Are Failing

There’s been a lot of discussion this summer about the failure of so many superhero films. They’re making money, but not nearly as much as expected. And until Captain America came along, it seemed to be getting worse with each

Liberal Hollywood Shortchanges Actresses

Great films need great actors and great actresses. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t do great actresses anymore. . . it does Barbies. In truth, Hollywood never was great with actresses, but it’s gotten much worse lately. Talent, apparently, no longer matters when

Harry Potter: Conservative Hero?

Is Harry Potter now or has he ever been a communist? Just kidding. . . he’s no Smurf. When I first read the books, I recall some conservatives screaming that Potter sends the wrong messages. Imagine my surprise to discover

Why Modern Hollywood Villains Stink

Modern Hollywood villains stink. You know I’m right. They’re dull and played out. They’re always the same guy. They’ve all become cartoon villains… psychopathic Snidely Whiplashes. I’m sick of it. And you know what’s to blame? Liberalism. Here’s the problem:

What Constitutes a Conservative Film?

Ed. Note: Please welcome longtime commenter Andrew Price to the front page. — JN It may sound strange to assert that many conservatives don’t understand what makes a film conservative, but the evidence is all over the web. More and