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The Washington Post Ignores Bill Maher's 'Macaca' Moment

[youtube XCbrEbEyheM nolink] In 2006, Michael Richards, who played “Kramer” on the Seinfeld series, appropriately apologized for his racist rant at the patrons of a comedy club where he was performing. He later phoned the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse

Washington Post Blogger Must Not Read His Own Paper

Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent, who writes under the by-line The Plum Line, criticizes pollster Whit Ayres for suggesting that the failed Times Square bomb incident gives Republicans a political opportunity. Sargent closes his blog with: Ayres is the GOP

Has The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder Gone Mad?

In a new article, Marc Ambinder, politics editor of The Atlantic, asks: Have Conservatives Gone Mad? He says yes. Serious thinkers on the right have finally gotten around to a full and open debate on the epistemic closure problem that’s

Of Frank Rich, Bigfoot and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

New York Times’ columnist Frank Rich outs himself as a conspiracy theorist in his Saturday column, “Welcome to Confederate History Month,” wherein he fabricates a synthesis of current anti-Obamacare sentiments and events. To build his theory, he connects dots that

Fisking the WaPo's Ombudsman, Andrew Alexander

Andrew Alexander’s column today concerning the Washington Post’s reporting on the alleged “spitting and slurs” episode on March 20 offers a partially accurate thesis based on unsubstantiated details. In short, it doesn’t work. Here’s Alexander’s thesis: The Post was remiss

The MSM, Gone Fishing While U.S. Bond Rating Sinks

Five weeks ago, on February 8, brought us assurances from Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner concerning the stability of the U.S. debt rating. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said the U.S. is in no danger of losing its AAA debt

The MSM, John Patrick Bedell, and the Gleiwitz Incident

The modus operandi of the 1939 “Gleiwitz incident” is a popular tactic of those legacy journalists who, like Frank Rich of the New York Times, distort the facts of an event to fit their pre-determined storyline. Now it’s happening again