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Has Polygyny Spawned Islamic Violence?

Perhaps the strongest drive that mankind feels is to procreate. Catholic theologians say the drive to continue the species is one of the few aspects of natural law that humans know without being taught.

Heavy Porn Use Harms Sex with Real Live Girls

Along with the reported exodus of young men from relationships with women comes an academic report that college-aged men are using online porn at epidemic levels, and its use is having a generally negative effect on their relationships with real live girls.

Left Livid at Failure of Climate Talks

(UNITED NATIONS) — Activists are upset over the failure of recent negotiations on “global warming” that closed this week in Lima, Peru. Governments met yet again aiming to hammer out an agreement that would limit the greenhouse gases the left
Where to Shop if You're Pro-LGBT

Where to Shop if You're Pro-LGBT

A new report from the LGBT Human Rights Campaign (HRC) lists hundreds of retailers and their LGBT-friendly score. The purpose of the list is to encourage shoppers this holiday season to buy LGBT and to avoid companies that are not so enlightened.

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